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Experience & Expertise

More than 30 years of cumulative experience leading activities and initiatives in government relations, sustainability, community affairs, sales & marketing in the energy sector.

The Energy sector is undergoing significant transformation driven by technological advances, climate policy, regulatory modernization, increased focus on safety and market factors.

We offer independent advice based on depth and breadth of our experience successfully navigating the ever changing energy sector. Whether the need is to simply understand the evolving landscape of federal, state and local energy policy implications or identify regulatory opportunities, our experience and abilities will position your organization to strategically and tactically determine its optimal path for success.

Technological advances, aging infrastructure and evolving customer expectations and preferences have resulted in a transformation for regulated utilities. Renewable energy, decentralized energy generation and battery storage have become fundamental additions to the traditional utility working to offer low cost, safe, efficient and dependable energy.

Baldwin Consulting Group provides the benefit of creative and cost effective solutions for complex business, regulatory, policy and organizational design challenges to meet the increasing commitment of energy delivery and customer satisfaction.

Government & Regulatory Affairs
  Public Utilities

Baldwin Consulting Group believes that Sustainability is a responsible approach to integrating environmental, social and economic stewardship into your business to create value for your customers, employees and market areas. We recognize that all of these fundamental pillars are significantly important and are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

Let us assist you in developing a thoughtful and responsible sustainability approach that recognizes long term economic viability, socially responsible actions and the recognition of the importance of our environment.

We offer demonstrated experience in establishing community affairs campaigns/programs, aligning philanthropic corporate contribution strategies and constituting corporate foundations, all in alignment with your company's mission and community interests.


Whether it is a complex issue that requires increased awareness or a company's desire to raise its profile in the community, Baldwin Consulting Group stands uniquely qualified to lead its corporate and energy clients to success.

External/Community Affairs

Our substantive management expertise allows us to assess industry trends/business challenges and recommend actionable solutions to complicated problems.


A careful evaluation of each client's business issues reveals specific opportunities. Baldwin Consulting's skills and experience position our firm to develop insights and identify solutions to develop strategy, improve performance and promote organizational effectiveness.


Our firm offers expertise and experience in developing and executing government relations programs that promote our clients' business objectives.


The process of identifying and understanding an organization's strategic initiatives and near term objectives and integrating those goals into a comprehensive advocacy plan is a challenging but beneficial exercise for our clients. This demonstrated capability delivers a prioritized and aligned plan that delivers value in support of the company's business strategy.

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